Physician Billing System

PhyMD’s practice management software is a complete practice management solution to manage all patient and insurance information in an easy to use true Windows-based environment.
The system includes:

Medical Billing

PhyMD’s Windows-based Medical Billing system provides all the tools needed to manage the complicated reimbursement environment. PhyMD’s billing module combines a complicated set of features with a highly flexible and configurable design to help mange the specific needs of a practice and to boost efficiency.

Appointment Scheduling

The PBS Appointment Scheduler will supplant any paper-based scheduling systems with intelligent search functions, finding and scheduling single or multiple appointments, and has the flexibility to track schedules for multiple physicians. Associated with the appointment scheduling there is an interface to produce patient reminder calls automatically via PhoneTree®.

Electronic patient bills & letters

Patient bill and letters can be sent though PhyMD via Emdeon’s ExpressBill system which allows for customized patient statements and letters for practice management purposes. Recall, reminder and delinquency letters can be produced using many of the built-in functions of the PhyMD system. These options save time, money and increase the practice's cash flow.

Custom Fee Ticket Posting

The custom fee ticket module can reduce or eliminate the costs for forms. PhyMD also creates a computerized copy of your specific fee ticket saving time and money in the posting process. The fee ticket can be posted quickly and easily in the system saving posting time and minimizing posting errors.

Managed Care Module

The Managed Care Module tracks the agreed upon payment schedules per insurance/managed care companies and flags the posting clerks when payments are less than the agreed upon amount.        

Referral Tracking

The referral tracking module is attached to the primary insurance information in the Demographics module. This tracking is used to confirm the validity of the patient’s referral and flag at appointment scheduling time if a referral is required and current.

Electronic Medical Records Module

Electronic Medical Records Module

The electronic medical records module interfaces with other software packages such as Emdeon's Clinician system, Alma Information System's Text Talk, Amazing Charts and the standard Microsoft word modules to allow for a complete paperless office capability.

Electronic claims

Sending claims electronically through PhyMD via Emdeon or Availity (RealMED) reduces insurance turnaround time by 2 to 3 weeks. Claims that are sent electronically are returned paid in 14 business days. With electronic filing, you receive a report within 48 hours of all claims accepted or denied.