Business Partners

Emdeon Corporation (Formerly WebMD) processes electronic claims, electronic remittance advice reports, patient statements, delinquency letters, recall letters. PhyMD interfaces with Emdeon to process claims electronically to all insurance companies. Emdeon is one of PhyMD’s healthcare clearinghouse options for electronic claim submission, electronic remittance advice and clinician services providing EHR like services.

Availity’s (formerly RealMed) services offer combines real-time transaction capabilities with batch and behind the scenes automation so that practices can focus more on exceptions and less on routine, repetitive tasks such as the act of submitting a claim, checking an eligibility status, obtaining the status of a claim or posting a remittance advice. In addition to making processes more efficient, the Availity solution provides timely, often immediate, information on all aspects of claims payment. Availity is one of PhyMD’s healthcare clearinghouse options for electronic claim submission and electronic remittance advice.

PhyMD is a member of the Montgomery County Medical Society Advisory Board. PhyMD works very closely with MCMS and its members to design and implement cost effective computer solutions for their members. PhyMD is also a member of the Member Advantage Affiliate Program, which offers substantial discounts to all MCMS members.

PhyMD proudly sponsored of the Medical Group Management Association, the nation’s voice for the medical group profession. The mission of MGMA is to continually improve the performance of medical group professionals and the organizations they represent.

Provides automated patient appointment reminders directly from the PhyMD scheduling screen. Their quality appointment reminder system is easy to install, easy to use, and easy on the pocketbook. Based on our experience of providing the best in patient messaging for over 20 years, we've created PhoneTree®, representing the most popular features of automated reminder systems — all in a simple-to-use, feature-rich package. PhoneTree® is the highest-quality, most affordable patient messaging system available today. Make sure all your patients keep their appointments requiring a minimal amount of your staff's time.

PhyMD offers an interface to the Amazing Charts, an electronic health records (EHR) company for physicians and physician practices. The interface uses HL7 formatted records to create an online up-to-date practice interface.

PhyMD in coordination with the American Help Desk staff provides technical support to the PhyMD clients on a daily basis. The American Help desk currently operates a 24/7 help desk and call center, offering a variety of customer oriented services. American Help desk is one of the nation's leading help desk service providers, with a proven track-record of assisting our clients and helping their businesses succeed.