Practice Management Made Easy

PhyMD was founded in 2001 to service the practice management needs of physicians, medical practices and healthcare providers. Today, PhyMD's practice management software is recognized for superior design, implementation and ease of use. PhyMD proudly assists the medical community with medical billing, medical claims, patient scheduling and electronic medical records.

PhyMD is a superior practice management software program designed for medical practices of all sizes and specialties. Our motto is “Practice Management Made Easy.” The philosophy of PhyMD is to provide an invaluable resource for medical practices with an emphasis on simplicity of use, high-functionality and reliability. We provide 24/7/365 support for all of our customers to ensure complete satisfaction and continuity of operations.

What Our Clients Say

We saw no interruptions in cash flow when we switched to PhyMD…payments are coming in faster than ever before, PhyMD is awesome!

Gita Bakshi

MD, Bethesda Maryland

PhyMD easily addresses any issue you may encounter. Typically they already have a solution for you built right into the system. If you happen to need something they haven’t thought of and already included in the software, they will put it in for you. It is truly a custom program for each physician’s office.

Dr. O'Halloran

Fairfax ENT, Fairfax, Virginia

PhyMD is the best billing software we have ever used, the conversion was flawless.



In almost 25 years of medical billing, we have never had a conversion go so smoothly. Last time we converted with a ‘Big’ software vendor our cash-flow stopped for almost 6 months. With PhyMD, our cash flow never slowed down, and in fact we are getting paid faster than ever before.

Orthopedic Associates

Silver Spring, Maryland

Going with PhyMD has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. We appreciate our relationship with PhyMD and all the hard work you do.

Practice Partners


After using the same CBSI system for almost 30 years, we thought for sure the conversion would be a disaster. Not only were we wrong, but thanks to the full detailed conversion of our existing data, we were sending claims and getting paid in less than 4 weeks on our new PhyMD system. I cannot wait to get to work everyday; PhyMD is so fast and easy to use.

Dr. Trinh

Montgomery Infectious Disease, Bethesda, Maryland

Our practice was way behind in our collections with one of the ‘Larger’ medical software vendors and they could not tell us where our electronic claims were. When we switched to PhyMD our cash flow immediately increased and now we have real-time up to date status on every claim right at our fingertips. PhyMD spent the time to understand our issues and goals and helped us implement a successful plan to recover the money that other vendors could not.

Dr. Bezirdjian

Adult and Pediatric Urology, Baltimore, Maryland